Saturday, September 25, 2010

O Working Mama

I've been thinking of you, Working Mama.

It happens when the kitchen clock hits 8:00 a.m. and we're still eating breakfast. I think about how you're probably already commuting to work, kids fed, dressed, and dropped off at school-- and you've already had your shower.

It happens when I hit Publix mid-morning, my only stressor being how-to-prevent-my-two-year-old-from-running-over-the-elderly-shoppers and which new recipe I should try for dinner. I think of you and how you manage to buy groceries for the family during the crowded evening rush, or over the weekends.

I remember being a Working Mama, too--when my Saturdays fell to Catching Up on Laundry and my Sundays guaranteed no nap; when I jealously eyed the Gym Mamas dropping their kids off at my class, decked out in the latest Nike workout outfits, declaring their morning belonged to Toned Muscles and Just-A-Little-More-Fit-Than-I-Presently-Felt; when I wished for more time with my newborn and prayed for the grace to make it through another week.

Maybe you're a Working Mama by choice and you don't have a stitch of envy for Gym Mamas. Maybe you love your career and feel immensely satisfied with the roles you so graciously juggle. Maybe being a Working Mama is in your blood and you wouldn't have it any other way.

Whatever the case,

Working Mama, I think




And I hope you get the praise you deserve.  


  1. What a cute post. I recently left the "working mama" world and am now just the homeschool mama and wouldn't have it any other way. In fact, I frequently wonder aloud how I got it all done and still stayed sane. I too, have an immense amount of respect for women who work outside of the home and feel beyond blessed that I don't have to.

  2. funny post b/c i feel like i've heard more and more christians looking down on the working mamas, saying if they truly cared about their family, they would find a way to stay home with their children rather than work...

  3. Thanks, Rachel. I agree about the respect I feel for those who have to juggle both lives...

    Aimee, I really think it's a "to each his--her--own" kind of case. I totally believe God calls some moms to stay home and others to work--it really is an individual thing. For me, I wanted to stay home with Carter the first two years, but financially--we just couldn't. And that's with some major budgeting involved--we simply couldn't afford for me not to work. So, I feel for the moms who want to be at home but have to work. Now that we're at a place where I can stay home, at least for now, I'm so thankful for my situation. There are also a lot of women in ministry--like Priscilla Shirer--with young children who manage to balance it all.

    It's definitely at between-you-and-God-and-your-hubby kind of thing and judgment and condemnation won't help anyone.

  4. i agree. sometimes people need to keep their comments to