Food and I have had a rough go at it. At best, it's been an awkward relationship--at times, marked by monk-like discipline, at other times, overindulgence. I used Food to try to answer deep questions in my soul, ones of identity and beauty and self worth. And Food has never delivered.

I remember the first Thanksgiving I felt close to free, gazing at the spread before us. When it was my turn to share my thanks, I expressed gratefulness over the ability to look at the Food and not be threatened by it, maybe even to enjoy it without being owned by it. It was a benchmark in my relationship with Food.

God and I have done a lot of work, have dug deep into the ugly places of my soul and I could share with you all the reasons for slipping into an eating disorder, but that's not really my intention here. I really just want to talk about food (lowercase now, thanks to freedom)!

Here's a ridiculously witty and beautifully artistic food blog you should follow, if you love food: Smitten Kitchen

I've also been experimenting with "traditional" and "real food" diets. Here's the cliff's notes version of the philosophy: processed food is bad for you and the source of your food matters. In my kitchen, it looks like this right now: making chicken stock on Mondays, chucking the sugar and white-flour based foods in our pantry, eating more *good* fat, including the stuff that comes with the animal I'm cooking, buying pastured eggs from Joelle, eating more butter (ahhh...) and dark veggies. It's been crazy overwhelming, and I should give my husband a break from my rants, but it's been fun. And I'm not having the noon-time blood sugar crashes I used to. So, along those lines, here are a few traditional food blogs I follow, with heaping portions of grace for myself and prayer that this stays in a healthy perspective. (she's a cutie Christian who writes about a lot more than food)

Here's to good eating (and healthy souls)!