Saturday, July 10, 2010


I laid down with you today
(Bear was in the wash)
you slung your arm around my neck
warm yogurt breath down my cheeks
you whispered,
Mommy, you maeel pitty
Mommy, you smell pretty
I wondered how much longer
you would be holding on
how many years do I have left
            of being Your Only Girl?
of compliments and kisses
and jealous hugs when Daddy loves
My promise is to love you
to build you up and make you strong
to let you risk and kiss the wounds
to help you find who you’ll become.
One day, you’ll see Another Girl
more beautiful than me
you’ll pour your soul into her
and be her everything
you’ll take the strength we’ve lent you
and the strength you’ve found on your own
you’ll build her up and make her safe
and together you’ll create your home.
For now, I’m holding onto you
and Bear and naps and yogurt breath
from here to there and what lies between
you’re my precious son; I call myself blessed.

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