Saturday, May 22, 2010

you've been waiting for this one

I bet you thought it'd never happen.

That I was only capable of writing about the shadowy things lurking in the back of my mind. Things that require introspection, analyzing and soul-searching.

Well, here goes.

The first down-to-earth and ever so straight forward post:

I'd like you to pray for us next week. 

Neal, my husband, is on staff at Church at the Bay, a local nondenominational church, and he and two other pastors are traveling to Haiti this Monday, the 24th through Wednesday, the 26th. (And I was surprised when my doctor said I couldn't go.)

We're partnering with Global Orphan Project, a grassroots, non-profit relief organization that seeks to not only alleviate the suffering in individual orphans' lives, but to transform entire communities in the meantime. It's pretty exciting.

Neal, Hal Mayer (lead pastor) and Hal Mayer IV (because who doesn't love roman numerals?) will fly into Port-au-Prince and stay at Global Orphan Project's home base. They'll spend the majority of their time in a village outside of Port-au-Prince that GO Project has paired us with, taking video and pictures and meeting the indigenous leaders in the village.

The vision is for Church at the Bay to establish a long-term partnership with that village, helping meet the needs of the orphans and the community at large. 

Freaking awesome.

So, back to my original request.

Will you pray for these 3 things:

1) that Neal, Hal and Hal will be able to accomplish all they need to in the short span of 2 days

2) that there will be great communication and relationship building between our guys and the staff at Global Orphan Project, and with the Haitian nationals in our specific village

3) (here's where Wife and Friend kicks in) for the safety and health of Neal, Hal and Hal IV

That's it, guys! I'll keep you posted.

Thank you.

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