Tuesday, November 1, 2011

halloween pics and a little controversy

We had fun last night. 

Little One was a tiger, which my mother reminded me was my costume at one year old as well. Carter was a pirate, although he insisted on being last year's dinosaur, undeterred by the snug fit. A bribe of Mommy dressing up with him sealed the deal, and we were out the door.

Have you discovered A Deeper Story yet? It's a freeing place, a safe place where regular Christians like you and me can ask the tough questions, and then discuss them, respectfully, and with passion. You should visit sometime soon, really. The comments are soul-stirring and the conversation is, well, deep. And who doesn't care for a little Christian controversy every now and then?

Here's a snippet of today's post:

One year I was Raggedy Ann and another year I was a bunny. Mama put a set of pointy ears on my black-headed little brother, and he got to be Spock. She could whip up a costume for any of the four of us with a role of  aluminum foil, a skein of yarn, and her makeup caboodle. We’re from the country and went to very few parties, but I remember Halloween parties when the adults showed that they did indeed have imaginations. I remember everybody laughing so hard, letting their kid-selves out.

Then suddenly at church they started showing videos about the dangers of secular music, and people were talking often about Devil worshipers. A visiting preacher may have done the final trick, but one day Mama and Daddy sat us all down and broke the news. No more Trick or Treating.

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