Sunday, July 17, 2011

free healing resources!

Last January, I got up on stage at church and shared my story of healing from sexual abuse

{it's on the side bar of this blog}.

I should have known that with the current stat's on abuse--1 in 4 women and 1 in 6 men-- this would hit home for many, many people.

But I was still surprised,



when the emails came pouring in.

It's one thing to come to terms with a number, with a percentage; it's an entirely different thing

to hear the details,

to relive the heartache,

to assign a broken heart and a beautiful soul to each story that claims

it happened to me, too.

So, I threw together some resources that have helped me on my healing journey and created a new page on my blog dedicated to practical steps the sojourner can take towards soul-health.

I'm so PUMPED to share that a couple of the resources are being offered for free, right now!

Mary DeMuth's audio series, Get Past the Past, is awesome. The principles she offers are universal to each person's healing journey and yet, she still seems so personal. It's a series of 6 podcasts that I paid $30 for.

You can subscribe to her ezine and get all of them for free! 

She's also offering her 95-page ebook Live Uncaged when you sign up for her ezine as well.

So, what's holding you back??

Healing resources + Free = Get started TODAY! 

I love ya'll, I believe in you,


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