Tuesday, May 31, 2011

how's the healing going?

We meet early.

Like, 5:55 a.m., pillow wrinkles still embedded in cheeks, did-you-sleep-at-all-last-night? early.

We grab our coffee and head to my patio, books tucked under arm, my baby's monitor in hand. And before the sun rises to reveal backyard toys, overgrown grass and the latest art project drying and draped over a chair,

we begin to talk of healing.

My friend, my dear friend of A Thousand Sorry's, and I are reading and working through Dan Allender's book and workbook, The Wounded Heart. We're completing one chapter a week and then we meet to talk about what we wrote, what we reflected on, and a few hundred other diversions equally important. Like, how our history of abuse plays out in our marriages. How it plays out in unhealthy coping mechanisms and serious character flaws. How we hope to change, but can't seem to.  For my friend and I, Dan Allender's material has been good on an individual basis, but used between two friends or in a group, it's exponentially more powerful.

Our times of meeting have become a place of safety, a place of deep soul confession and insight, a place that welcomes the Spirit of truth to stop in, settle down and rest a minute and then lead us to places flesh cannot go. And it's been good.

So, my dear friends, I'd love to ask you--

how's your healing going?

What are you doing to pursue wholeness? What steps are you taking on your journey?

That's all I got!

I'd love to hear from you, I really would.


  1. My healing ~ physically ~ is coming along finally. I have been sick for 7 weeks, starting out with shingles (adult chicken pox) then it moved into a bladder infection, then it moved into a virus that was 98% like the mumps I had in 2008. My face was as round as a helium balloon with hallowed face and little slanty eyes. I will let you know I am 56 years old this has not been easy. SO physically I am on the mend, emotionally I feel like I have been in a war zone, when 104 fevers hit one has no energy and all one can do is trust. It will be OK. God is good and nothing is without purpose. I just need to wait for the reason.

  2. I'm so sorry to hear that you've been fighting that kind of sickness! I'll be praying for rest, wholeness and complete healing.

  3. Thank you I appreciate all prayers of healing. This grandma needs it. :o)

  4. april,
    i have been thinking of you often and so appreciated your kind emails. i have thought about buying the dan allender books, but haven't done so yet because finances are tight right now. i am a bit fearful of seeking healing, though i desperately want it. fearful to face this giant that has haunted me for so long. fearful to walk through the pain that i know must come before the healing. i am so thankful for your willingness to share your story and for being willing to let me share my story w/you. you truly are a blessing....

  5. Hey Patty, so good to hear from you! I hear you on the fearful to "face the giant," but you know your God, you know that He is good and has never abandoned you--you can trust his character even now, especially now, on this journey. Praying for you, sister...