Sunday, November 22, 2009

13 Reasons to Run a Half-Marathon

1. i'm 27

2. i'm not pregnant (although the rumor was floating through my neighborhood. it's always fun to be asked. if i had some cajones, i'd really mess with the are-you-pregnant Askers. but i don't.)

3. i've never done anything really physically competitive. i danced in high school, but never went en pointe. i trained with cross country over the summer, but didn't join for the season. never played team sports. my only trophy was for placing 3rd in a public speaking contest. The Giving Tree. it would have moved you too.

4. the race is local, the gasparilla half marathon, so there's no extra cost with gas or hotel.

5. i've been coveting a slick pair of sports sunglasses and a digital sports watch. i'd look for real then.

6. i'm going to use this race as an excuse to raise money for blood:water mission, an organization that fights AIDS in Africa by building wells. 6 of my friends have joined me.

7. rebecca from The Biggest Loser told me I could do it.

8. ripped calves and huge quads are sexy.

9. considering running in a skort. what do you think?

10. i want one of those super proud pics of me at the finish line holding my amazing son, Carter. he plans to run races with me later, he's told me in more or less words.

11. a full marathon scares me. really scares me.

12. i like the runner's sock tan. especially when i wear flip-flops.

13. if i had a bucket list, running a half marathon would be on it.

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