Monday, July 6, 2009

Hidden Jesus

There is a Jesus and a Gospel that is hidden from most of us because most of us cannot see Him through the lens of our life-experience.

We read about the poor inheriting the earth, faith like a mustard seed, and the little children dancing about Jesus’ feet and sentiments as sweet as Precious Moments images are stirred.

It’s all very sweet and endearing and we chalk Jesus and his life’s message up to a Christian version of Ghandi or Oprah. His message was just another version of the Golden Rule.

The Hidden Jesus awaits our discovery.

He is there, loudly denouncing unrepentant cities in Matthew 11.

He is there, aggravating the established religious authorities in Matthew 12.

He is there, passing out invitations to the Royal Banquet to street rats and prostitutes in Matthew 22.

He called their bluff.

He said only a few would follow.

He offended.

He crossed racial, socio-economic and cultural boundaries.

He healed a leper by touching him.

He gave kingdom-rights to the poor.

He didn’t come home for dinner.

He submitted to death.

He overcame death.

The Hidden Jesus awaits our discovery.

And it’s only when we obey the few truths we’ve heard, that He will show himself to us. That true revelation will be ours. That a knock on the door of our hearts will be heard and a Guest will present himself for dinner.

You can read and read and read.

But until you obey with what you know, Hidden Jesus will remain.

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