Thursday, April 23, 2009

my new resolution

Ahh...just put the boys to bed, sitting down with my laptop and a nice cup of hippy-detox-your-body-and-pay-too-much-for-this-bag tea.

I haven't been posting much. At all. But, I have been reading. And I've noticed a trend. Fellow bloggers like Anne Jackson (she rocks), Gary Lamb (kind of like blue-collar-tour found Jesus) and my husband have a few things in common.


And shorter posts.

I'm beginning to think the two might have something to do with each other.

So, my new commitment to you, my readers, is that I will post more regularly. And, I will try to leave the dissertations for my fantasy graduate work. I may have to break up some thoughts over days. Or weeks. But, each individual post will be less chapter-like and more blog-like.

Can you track with me?

Here's to my first attempt...


  1. i like your lengthier blogs...but i follow neals and hals and a few others too...i think i just like reading others views in general.

  2. Hal and Neal and Gary are men who are writing short posts because they don't want to lose their target audience: men. Short attention spans and all that. We women love the self-reflective spiritual depth in your posts. Don't cheat us.